The Pro’s and Cons of Popular Diets


You might have heard me in the past say “Diets set you up to fail” “Don’t bother your arse dieting” “When you lose it, you’re just gonna put it all back on” which to a certain extent I still stand by.  When we think about the word “Diet” – we instantly relate it to restriction, deprivation, eliminating “bad” foods and … Read More

A Complete Guide to Visiting New York for the First Time

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First Time Visiting New York from Ireland? Here’s some tips to maximise your time and minimise your budget. Get a Yellow Taxi from the Airport. Yellow Taxis have a set price on your destination, plus a toll charge (which is the “EazyPass” cheaper rate than the Cash Rate of $8). We made the mistake of stepping outside the airport door … Read More

Why Going Broke Was The Best Thing That Happened To Me

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You may not know this but before I taught my first ever dance fitness class back in 2012 I was already looking at commercial properties. I was put off because the thoughts of being stuck in one place and then being screwed if it all went belly up terrified me. So I put it to bed, but it was always … Read More

If You Can’t Sleep This Might Change Your Life

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  The key to getting fit and healthy is not really the actual exercise, it’s the recovery. Yes, we get fitter and stronger while we sleep! After an intense exercise session, proper recovery is so important for our muscles to grow and for our stress levels to go down. If you’re struggling to lose weight or improve your physique, the … Read More