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When you hear the word “Diet”, what do you think?
You might see these common trends in diets such as:
>Low/ No Carbs
>No Sweets
>“Healthy” Foods Only
>No Alcohol
>No Junk Food
>No Dairy
>No Gluten
And as a result these ideas can lead to:
>Exclusion (from social events)
>Feeling hopeless or worthless
It goes on and on and on. You may have heard me time and time again that All Diets Work – once you come off them… or “slip into your old ways” as most people put it.
Listen, if what you’re doing right now works for you: meaning you’re healthy, happy, your eating habits do not interfere with your everyday life and you can do this for the rest of your life then GO YOU. Click out of this and go back to what you were doing.
The word “Diet” actually means the food and drink you consume… I say this now because I’m going to use the word correctly going forward and I want you to disregard all the negative feelings and emotions associated with it for the rest of this post.
Now let me tell you about the #PTFD Diet.

The #PTFD Diet stands for:

It sounds harsh, but it’s not. The #PTFD Diet is my alternate label to a balanced diet. What da fuk is wrong with a balanced diet, when a balanced diet is all that you need to permanently manage your health and happiness?
Here are my results of the #PTFD Diet after 8 weeks. Disclaimer: I cannot guarantee that everyone will see these results in such a short space of time because the beauty of life is we are all different. But I’m going to tell you HOW I did it.
It started off with a 5 minute action everyday. Which was to have a glass of water with every meal. Two weeks later I focused on slowing down at every meal – and I realised I was quite like my dog in barely chewing stuff before swallowing, so I took the time to taste and appreciate every bite. Two weeks after that I STOPPED eating when I was full. Sometimes the plate was cleared, sometimes is was not. And then AFTER doing those things I started to introduce the actual food – meaning for the first six weeks, I changed fucking NOTHING on my plate. I still had the foods that I wanted, I still got take aways and junk, and yes I dropped 8 pounds and 10 inches.
Now here’s the thing: I’m not TRYING to lose weight (I can already hear you think “Skinny Bitch”, whatever, I’m always up for the banter!) Weight loss isn’t my goal, I’m a nutrition coach and I’m doing this because this is the process I put my clients on, and I have to practice what I preach – so I can empathise and relate to what’s going on with them, and yes most of them are trying to lose weight, I’ll make that clear.
I eat when I’m hungry.  I stop when I’m full.  And that’s it in a nutshell.
These results are what you see because I already have a healthy relationship with food – meaning I do NOT “eat clean”, count, weigh, measure, cheat, treat or use food as a crutch when I’m feeling like shit. I fucking hate salad, and it’s only in the last year I’ve actually tried to introduce colourful foods into my diet (it started with putting veg on pizza BTW)
And can I just say right now those pictures were never intended for public use, hence the resting bitch face, lolz.  I was genuinely shocked to see such a difference without actively trying to “go on a diet”.  Scarleh for my Ma, she said the change was amazing but Jaysus was I going to publish this stuff on the net? Sorry Ma!  I’ll walk around in the nip if I’d get away with it because that #bopo feeling is unbelievably liberating.
I used to eat ALL of the Ben & Jerrys in one sitting when I was having a solo pity party. I don’t do that anymore. Because I changed my life and I’m (reasonably) happy out* – my original weight loss happened AFTER I sorted my personal shit out. There are plenty of people who lose weight in a bid to find happiness, but get caught up and obsessed over the scales, food and exercise and in the end never find bliss.
*Life isn’t perfect, I’m self employed and live at home because we simply cannot afford to rent, nevermind get on the property ladder. My Dad was recently diagnosed with cancer, so yeah that’s tough, when he was in hospital I either spent all of my time there or at work so I only ate fast food… and yes that happened during the before and after 8 week pictures. When life throws you a curveball you just have to adapt, don’t let it stop you and you can still succeed while others depend on you.
If you have been “dieting for years” can I please please PLEASE tell you my dear, sit down and get to the root cause of the problem. This is what I do with my nutrition clients, help them develop a healthy relationship with food before they even look at what to put on their plate. There’s a reason why the food and dieting industries work hand in hand and turn over billions per annum – because they want you to feel like shit, comfort yourself with a large tub of southern fried chicken and then feel that guilt and resentment so you start your diet again on Monday. Rinse and Repeat.
So #PTFD Diet, yes it’s click bait, sorry #notsorry – if you simply cannot Put the Fork Down when you have had enough, ask yourself – Why? It is extremely hard when we have had so many ideologies hammered into us for all of our lives. That’s not your fault, please know that.
Let me tell you right now from the bottom of my heart that it is possible to “lose weight” (or manage your weight) without having to stress about your food, without letting food get in the way of you and your life and whilst enabling you to life your life to the full, because you deserve to be both healthy and happy.
If you think you need some real help from someone who will not judge you, get in touch.

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