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Are you one of those people who says “I’ll start again in January” then when January comes your intentions are pure but your wallet is tight?
Or maybe you’re sick of all the “New Year New You” BS, you have done it for years and years but are still at square one! Started out optimistic then gave in after a few weeks.
Maybe you just haven’t a CLUE where to start, and are so up to your eyes right now that your brain can’t hack shopping around for everyone’s gifts, never mind looking after yourself!
Can I just tell you right now that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over yet expecting a different result.
And when it comes to your health and well-being there is no need to over complicate things or waste money on the “next best trend”. Keep it simple. Eat to fuel those busy days, move to manage those days and enjoy the little things when you can.
I get that it’s hard and confusing with so many mixed messages out there so I’m going to make it easy for you.

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For that you get:
-Unlimited Classes
-Online Group
-Nutrition Manual (a sound guide on taking care of your health and your waistline)
-On Demand home workout videos for when you CANT come to the studio
-Coach Contact (so pick my brains when you need a bit of guidance)
-Online dashboard (resources to help you keep organised, if you’re into that sort of thing)
Learn how to go into the silly season and beyond with zero f**ks to be given on how many points are in X, Y and Z.
Connect with women who are just like you: normal everyday women who lift, laugh and move to feel fantastic.
Find health & wellness in a safe environment that was designed specifically for women who “hate the gym!”
To avail of this offer, use the code “FULL01” will charge you for the current membership rate from today (1 month) and you will not be billed again until 1st February 2018.  So the sooner you sign up, the more free training you get in January.  The offer applies only to our subscription memberships – Lite/ Standard Contract and expires on 15th December. (Lite has less perks but they’re detailed when you check out the membership) And there are only a limited number of codes available so you better be quick.
Honestly, what’s stopping you? How much longer are you going to put it on the long finger?

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Note: There are no joining or cancellation fees with our contract memberships, we only ask for 30 days notice before your next billing date.  With this offer you will be billed for your membership today and on the 1st of February and should you continue your membership you will be billed on the 1st of the month every month after until you decide to cancel.  If you wish to cancel your membership before that you must do so on your account before 1st February 2018 and your membership will remain active until the end of February 2018.