If you’re not lifting weights, you should be.

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As a cardio queen I have managed to convert many women from the dance floor to the gym floor by creating a safe environment to teach them how to lift weights safely without feeling like an idiot or that the whole world is watching them.
For the record, I’m not your typical gym junkie. I hate running. I’m not addicted to lifting weights, and I don’t train outside of classes – I know I COULD do a little more, but what I do now suits me and my lifestyle, I don’t NEED to do anymore than what I’m doing, because a little bit of balanced activity is enough for most people, including myself.
However in saying that, I always recommend to my clients to incorporate SOME form of resistance training into their week, and to prioritise that over the cardio classes on the timetable. No matter what your shape or goals are, you should have a 2:1 ratio when it comes to strength training vs cardio. And here’s why:

Lifting weights will NOT make you bulky – if you’re a woman and you want to get big and muscly, go on ahead and take an illegal supplement in the form of testosterone from a Bull to do that. We have so much estrogen and little testosterone naturally that it’s virtually impossible to bulk up without the aid of said illegal supplement. So calm your knickers and take it from me, you will NOT get bulky from lifting weights.
Lifting weights makes your feel like a fecking BADASS. Seriously, the sense of empowerment when you pick up something heavy is out of this world. And there are no cons to becoming stronger. I was in New York earlier this year and managed to catch an elderly lady who tripped on the footpath, like BOOM, instantly grabbed under her arms before she hit the ground like I was Wonder Woman or something. Now I still struggle to open the front door in Eddie Rockets in Liffey Valley but y’know, #demgoals
Lifting weights will change your shape. If you’re looking to lose a lot of weight, combining weights with your diet will help reduce chances of sagging skin and will give you an overall “firm” or “toned” look. Now if you want to just take up less space, if you don’t lift weights when trying to lose weight, you’ll just look like a smaller fluffier version of the you who started – note: I’m NOT body shaming, this is in response to the “I want to lose weight first before toning up” crowd. Again, there are ZERO cons to incorporating exercise into your routine and if you combine both diet and resistance training it will save you time in the long run.

Lifting weights will improve your social life. Because there’s little time to talk when we’re all jumping around or doing burpees, many of my clients have the yaps while they’re hitting those reps. And many of them have found new friends in these sessions. Win Win.
Lifting weights will extend and add to the quality of your life. I’m talking muscle mass and bone density, so when you get older, you will be less reliant on others to do things for you and will be more independent. “As you grow older, if you don’t move you won’t move”
Even if you’re on the other side of retirement, you are never too old to start.  Seriously.

Lifting weights will help you squeeze a melon out of a straw. Yes, I’m talking childbirth, and the aftermath of attaching a tiny human to your hip or nipple for a couple of years after that. Delivering a sprog into the world is probably one of the biggest physical challenges you might face in life. And some women suffer terribly through it and afterwards. By strengthening your back, core and pelvic area before conception and during pregnancy, you’ll be giving yourself the best chances for delivery and recovery.
Lifting weights will actually help you to lose weight without trying. Broad statement! But basically the more muscle you have, then the more calories you will burn doing day to day things like cleaning the house, going to work, even sleeping. It’s not huge, but it’s better than nothing.

Lifting weights isn’t that hard. Do you know what’s hard? Struggling to get ALL of the shopping into the house in one trip because we just hate to back track. Realistically it can be as difficult or as easy as you choose to be. Afraid of getting injured? Then wrap yourself in bubble wrap and don’t leave the house. Injuries can happen anywhere, it’s perfectly fine to be cautious of course (safety safety) but if you’re nervous, start light until you build the strength and confidence to add more weight!

Lifting weights makes you feel like a fecking BADASS – I feel so strongly about this that yes I’m putting it down twice.

So what are you waiting for! Get booked onto a strength session and unleash the beast within!