I’ve never been on a diet. But I know what it’s like to be on one.

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We do share something in common. The desire for a happier life. A life of fulfillment. A chance to look in the mirror and feel proud of achievements.  Enjoy the fruits of our labour.

Tell me, if you don’t already feel like that, do you know a single person who doesn’t WANT that feeling?

See what I do is I help women achieve their goals so they will find or maintain a bit more happiness in their life. My goal for the client is to help them find a method that works for them which can be maintained for the rest of their lives – this does NOT mean they will be MY client for the rest of their life, but I will teach them skills to take with them no matter where they go on in life. It could mean showing a brand new to exercise nerve-shaken beginner how to safely and effectively perform weight lifting exercises in the gym. They then gain the confidence to join another gym (hey, I don’t hold anyone to ransom) or workout from home if they choose to. Or I teach someone obsessed with the scales and counting that they are worth MORE than a number and help them celebrate what their body can do. They then bin the scales, learn how to be kinder to themselves and focus more on health in mind and body and let the outside appearance transform naturally. Or I coach a yo-yo dieter to build a good relationship with food by stacking behaviors one at a time so they will never have to diet for the rest of their life. Gone are the days of sabotage and guilt, yay to enjoying restaurant meals and time with loved ones without having to worry about a single calorie or unit of measure.

But all of these things have something in common. Consistency.

And allowing yourself be held accountable, either to be praised for the consistency or to be called up for the lack of consistency – and acknowledge that IT’S OK to dip in consistency once you get back to it at the earliest possible moment.
See when I say I’ve never been on a diet but I know what it’s like to be on one, I refer to me, myself and I trying to establish and maintain a well running business that does GREAT things for the people who use it.

Ethical. Sustainable. Life-Enhancing things. Not your run of the mill “Lose weight/ tone up/ transformation” BS.

I know what it’s like to try hard and fall short before the finish line. I know what it’s like to write down lists and lists (for you: eg meal plan/ food diary. For me: “Stuff To Do”) and then get so overwhelmed by the amount of information or things to do that it’s just easier to scroll on Facebook and forget about it. I know what it’s like to be 100% committed to a certain task but NOT see the rewards.

Like WTF, why is this SO difficult and will it ever get any easier?

Here, me and you both. The LAST thing we want to do on our seldom free time is to write down or “plan” for the week or month ahead. And when I actively DON’T work I constantly feel guilty because I’m not working…. I know you can relate if you’re struggling with your image. Like a yo-yo dieter is on a binge/ starve session, I too binge and starve with my productivity… I get to the point of exhaustion, feel like I’m totally wasting my breath because no-one listens anyway and what’s the point when I’m STILL struggling to earn a wage.
My “brilliant” ideas come to me just a bit too late for when it’s the right time to implement them, I’ve found. I throw out new things at short notice, see if there are any biters and if there’s not enough traction I bin it.

Sounds a bit like “Hey, drop a dress size in two weeks”, right?

You can find every piece of info you need for Free on the Internet if you want to adopt a healthier and fitter lifestyle. It’s out there, free information. You’ve probably read hundreds of articles on how “Sally did this ONE thing to help her lose weight” etc etc. You’ve probably shared a few dozen videos on “how to get a flat tummy” in your lifetime.  And you’re probably still in the same spot now as you were last year or the year before.
I KNOW what I need to do to grow my business. I have access to the information. I’ve spent thousands on training to back up what I do, invested thousands more into building a studio that’s not perfect but has everything necessary to deliver a great service. I’ve thrown a good chunk of money down the drain on marketing that hasn’t paid off.
Just like you’ve probably spent money on detox diets, slimming pills, gym memberships, personal training packages etc and are still not where you want to be.

It’s frustrating as fuck, isn’t it?

As I’m writing this now, I know I need a “Coach” to keep me accountable, to help guide my path. Help me establish a plan that’s manageable, sustainable and DO-able. Because while I’m quite gifted har har, I’m already running on fumes. The only thing keeping me sane at the moment is showing up to class and having the craic with the members, I’ve no problems in that department. I do have problems on the admin side of things, running consistent marketing campaigns, making sure that the great content I create is put out there and more importantly it reaches people who will “buy my stuff”
I will be perfectly honest and say I’ve let the leash slack on some of my members who’ve been on the missing list, only because I feel I don’t have the permission to check in on them and if I do that they’ll cancel, which frankly I can’t afford.  If they don’t, they SHOULD know that if they choose to contact me to “get back into it” my door is open, no judgements and I’m ready when they are.  I try my best to respect their boundaries, but Dear God at the moment rejection is something I find very difficult to deal with, especially since financially I’m hanging by a thread.
Is that too much info? I don’t particularly care at the moment. While I do a great job at keeping members for a long time and keep them happy while they’re with me, I’ve recently had 3 cancellations in the one day… actually in the space of an hour. One never made contact and two said it’s change of work schedule and that I’m actually doing an amazing job.

I hate break ups. Boo Hoo.

So if you’re still reading this pity party post, here’s what I need. I’m a FABULOUS Coach. I’m shit at taking my own advice, but I’m good at helping clients find their way, and I truly care about helping people feel better about themselves be it in fitness, nutrition or just life. If you give me permission to light a fire under your ass if you’ve a tendency to go on the missing list, I WILL do that. I’m in it for the long haul if you are. I hate yo-yo diets and quick fixes, not because I want to keep you longterm, but because I know people who have been on and off these schemes for DECADES and still haven’t found satisfaction and that breaks my heart. I genuinely want to help.  You deserve satisfaction.

So buy my stuff!!

And if you can’t or won’t buy my stuff, for whatever reason. Do me a massive favour and TELL someone about what I do.
“Yeah, she’s good. She knows her stuff and she’s great at what she does. No Bullshit” (or something to that effect)
Because I can’t keep this yo-yo going. I’ve possibly bitten off a little more than I can chew. And without a few more bodies buying my stuff, I can’t employ someone to lighten the load so I can focus on what’s important:

Helping people feel better.