Are you a woman who lives or works near Clondalkin or  Bluebell?
Do you feel like the traditional gym scene is just not for you?
Do you want to get fit and active but not sure where to start?
Are you afraid to join a gym because you might not use or like it?
Can you invest just under €25 per week for the next 4 weeks in your health and happiness?

Welcome to Jumpstart

It’s 4 weeks unlimited classes for women who don’t want to commit to anything long term off the bat.
Our classes are women-only with female coaches who care to show you step by step how to move safely and effectively.
No hiding in the corner – we have limited places in all classes with capacity from 8-18 so you have plenty of space to move and a qualified Instructor to keep an eye on you.
We don’t do Burpees or High-Impact exercises which are a risk to vulnerable knees & ankles.
Weak core and arms? No problem! We offer modifications on all exercises, where necessary, in order to BUILD your strength, not make you feel useless.
And if you’re intending to manage your waistline, we’ve a Nutrition Bundle sent straight to your inbox as soon as you sign up.  This includes:

  • -60 approx recipes to inspire your tastebuds
  • -A no-nonsense weight loss strategy manual
  • -Bonus seminar video on Nutrition for Wellness

Try it out for a month, come in 2-3 times per week and see the results for yourself. 

Cost: €97
(For 20% off use the code   JUMP2020    before 4th January)
>>>>Click Here to Sign Up Today<<<<
(Activate at any time during January)


Quick Description of the Classes: 
Jump Circuit: A Full-Body Cardio and Resistance Circuit using mini trampolines and light weights.
BB Burn: A Full Body Resistance class using Light/ Medium or Heavy Weights
Funky Step: Step Aerobics, basic for beginners with no complicated routines
FitCamp: Mixed class involving anything from TRX to Strength Training
PWR Beatz: A Functional HIIT style class using boxing moves and bodyweight exercises
Glow Beatz: Dance fitness in the Dark with Disco Lights and Glow Sticks
SG-PT: Small Group Personal Training where you will learn how to do basic weight lifting to improve strength, muscle and bone density
Power Hour: 30 Mins of Boxing Plus 30 Mins Light/ Med weight circuit
Stretch & Tone: Infusing Yoga, Pilates and Bodyweight exercises for a low impact active recovery workout.
*All Classes are Suitable to Beginners, if you have any old or existing injuries we can work around that, get in touch if you’re unsure*