There are various reasons why someone may opt for online training.  You could be living remotely and can’t travel to your local gym.  You could be too far way from our own studio to come into our classes.  You simply could be terrified of the thoughts of stepping into a gym but could really do with some help to reach your goals.  Whether you’re in Dublin, Derry, Cork or New York, it doesn’t matter once you have access to the internet, I can help you no matter where you are.
While I’d like to extend my services to as many people as possible, I’m particularly interested in helping those who are truly self conscious about their body image, especially those who think they need to “lose a bit of weight first” before stepping into a public fitness environment. 
Just a note: this is not online Personal Training, if you would like a tailored 1-2-1 programme written up for you, find out more here.
To participate you will need to get a resistance band, a pair of dumbbells and a kettlebell, but you can start straight away without any equipment.
Check out the options below, if you’d like to mix and match different bits then contact me to arrange a no hassle quote

Standard Features in Online Membership

  • Connector.

    Consult Call

    1-2-1 Video Call to get you started and chat about your needs

  • Connector.

    Group Support

    Access to our Private Facebook Group for lots of tips & tricks from normal everyday women just like yourself. From time to time classes will be streamed live from the studio to your home.

  • Connector.

    Members Area

    Access to our online members area which has various full body workouts, a nutrition manual and a tonne of resources to keep you going.

Try out our DB Full Body Workout

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Per Month
  • Consult Call
  • Facebook Group
  • Members Area
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Per Month
  • Everything in Gold and Silver
  • Nutrition Coaching (bi-weekly check in)
  • Additional Workouts on ProCoach (Ideal for those with an injury)
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Your Questions Answered

What do I get in the Silver Membership?

A quick video consultation call to discuss your goals, your needs and recommendations on what’s best for you. Access to our private members group for you to inspire and be inspired by other women on a similar journey to you, you’ll find tips, tricks and meal ideas from the ladies who are currently in the group as well as some advice and pep talks from myself. From time to time we will live stream classes from the studio to the group so you can still participate without having to come to the studio. You will also have access to the members section on the website, which has a 20 page Nutrition Manual, a meal planner, some recipes and resources to help you track your progress and move you forward. In the members area there are also numerous video workouts for you to do at home, most of them require little space or no equipment and we endeavour to add at least one new workout per month to the library.

What do I get in the Gold Membership?

Everything in silver plus a monthly check in to see how you’re getting on and access to our nutrition software platform. With the software you get a customised quick start guide to get you going, a new habit to practice every two weeks and new lessons every day to learn about why you’re doing what you’re doing. You’ll go on your own steam and have the opportunity to check in with your coach once per month. (I also offer 1-2-1 regular coach contact on a different package)

What do I get in the Platinum Membership?

Everything in Gold and Silver plus bi-weekly check ins with your coach for additional nutritional support. You will also have access to additional workouts on the ProCoach Software which are ideal if you want a regular programme set for you or have chronic pain or an injury.

Is there a minimum commitment?

We recommend you commit for a minimum of 3 months, especially when considering the Gold or Platinum Memberships. However there is no official minimum commitment, your subscription will auto roll until you cancel it, but a heads up and feedback on your experience would be nice. Please note that a lot of time and effort went into providing the content available to you and should you reproduce or replicate any of the content without written permission we will use the full extent of the law to seek compensation. Basically, don’t sign up for a month, steal or share the content and cancel the membership. Be a decent human being.

Can you tell me more about the nutrition software?

Sure, the nutrition curriculum powered by ProCoach is designed to help you manage your health, weight and nutrition by building habits.  No diets, quick fixes or fads.  It provides continuous education and accountability often needed when struggling with weight management.  Check out the video below and feel free to contact me if you’d like to chat more before signing up.