Membership Packages

We have different membership packages to suit different needs and budgets. If you are in any way unsure on what might be best for you, pop an email to sarahjane[@]

-ALL group classes have limited spaces (max 8), meaning you will NEVER be squashed or forgotten about in the corner.

-Our Studios are 100% Private , meaning no one from the outside can see you.  Our pricing takes this into account.

-All classes are booked online, meaning your space is reserved and you don’t have to queue in order to get your spot.

All you have to do is decide realistically how many times per week/ month you can workout, the level of support you require and select your membership.  

To purchase a membership or package, just click/ tap on the purple button under your choice.

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Classes marked in Blue are hybrid (Studio & Online). Classes in Pink are Online Only and Classes in Black are Studio Only.

Group Membership

This is our classic class membership held in our downstairs private, purpose built studio.

  • Access to our classes in the downstairs studio
  • Access to all of our online and on demand classes
  • On Demand Nutrition Video Guide
  • On Demand Weight Management Video Guide
  • Tonnes of Tasty Healthy Recipes for you to download
  • Private Facebook Group to Connect with other members
  • Referral Programme to receive discounts for Recommendations

Our classes include Step Aerobics, Body Conditioning, HIIT, Bootcamp, Pilates, Glow Beatz Dance Fitness, Zumba, Barbell Burn, Combat and whatever else our members fancy, depending on the time of year.  Member feedback is so important to keep our classes fresh and exciting.

Good for those who really enjoy classes, don’t need a lot of individual support and who can take all the resources supplied and apply it to suit their own needs and goals.  Everything you need to achieve your result is there, you just have to apply it.

This membership is not suitable for new members who have had surgery or recovering from an injury within the last 6 months – if that’s you, opt for our Small Group Membership where we can tailor your workout until you’ve recovered.

€65 Per Month – Sign Up here

Our Group Membership is subject to a 30 Day Contract -> this means that if you cancel your membership less than 30 Days before your next billing date, you will be billed once more and your membership will expire at the end of the billing period.


Small Group Personal Training

Limited to just 5 people per session, in our upstairs Strength Training Studio.

  • Everything in our Group and Online Memberships
  • Access to all Small Group PT Classes
  • Initial 30 minute 121 Strategy Session to fast track your path to success
  • Weekly check-in with your coach to see if everything is going to plan
  • Your own Strength Training Tracker, filled in by your Coach to monitor your progress
  • Optional measurements, weigh-in, pictures upon request
  • Tailored advice to suit your needs
  • Downgrade to Group Membership at any time after the first 2 months.

Small Group Personal Training is a more affordable option for those who’d like that extra bit of support, without the price tag of hiring a Coach 121.  It is recommended for those who have a specific goal they would like to achieve and need specific guidance on how to do get there.  If you have any injuries, such as weak joints, recovering from Long Covid or surgery within the last 6 months, this membership is good for you as the programme can be adjusted to suit your needs.

This membership was created on the back of our Beginner’s 6 Week Kickstart Course; where the ladies enjoyed it so much, they wanted an option to keep going with regular Strength Training and Group Fitness Classes.  At the moment, there are only 20 of these memberships available at any one time, meaning you get our utmost attention during your visit.

€97 Per Month – Sign Up Here

Our Small Group PT Membership is subject to 2 Month’s Minimum Commitment & a 30 Day Contract -> this means that if you cancel your membership less than 30 Days before your next billing date, you will be billed once more and your membership will expire at the end of the billing period.


Online Membership

Take our location out of the equation and you’ve no reason to put your fitness on hold.

  • Unlimited Access to our daily Live Stream Classes
  • 50% Off PAYG for Studio Classes (this does not include SGPT)
  • Full access to nearly 100 On Demand Workout Videos of our most popular Classes
  • Over 50 recipes so your taste buds will never get bored
  • Nutrition Manual to take the guesswork out of dieting and finally making sustainable changes
  • Tips on how to burst through plateaus in both motivation and progress
  • 4 Week Transformation Meal Planif meal plans are your thing!
  • How to plan your own balanced meals so you can make your progress work to suit your own tastes and lifestyle
  • Video Seminars on Weight Management & Nutrition
  • Access to our Private Facebook Group to Connect with other members

Ever since we opened in 2016, hundreds of women all over Dublin, Ireland and beyond have said “Your classes look fun, I wish you were nearer to me”, “I often get stuck in traffic and can’t get there on time” or “I’ve no-one to mind the kids” – well now you can get the very best of our classes Live to your living room, kitchen, bedroom, wherever you get a good signal in your home.

You will need a resistance band as a minimum to take part in our online classes – if you have a Kettlebell or Dumbbells, that’s brilliant, that’s all the kit you need to get a satisfying and effective workout.  The more equipment that you have, the better – our Coaches will have a look at what you’re using and tell you Live then and there the best exercise that goes with it.

You’re not a fly on the wall in our Online Classes, we treat you just the same as those who are in the studio with us.

Like our Group Membership, our Online Membership is not recommended for anyone recovering from an injury within the last 6 months.

€47 Per Month – Sign Up Here!

No Contract, Cancel at any time.