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Have you ever thought about going to a gym but didn’t know what to do? Or worse, have you joined a gym and still don’t know what to do? Or maybe you want to get “fit & healthy” but would rather gouge your own eyes out than join a gym?  Treadmills and selfies just aren’t your scene.
This is the conversation I’ve had with hundreds of women. They haven’t a breeze what to do when it comes to gyms, if they can brave walking through the door at all.  They have no interest in being an “Insta Hun” because they’re way too busy doing real-world things like working or taking care of others.   They’re absolutely SICK of hearing conflicting information and nonsense about dieting from “Gurus/ Consultants” and they would love to get started in a group where absolutely *everyone* is in the same boat.
Listen, we simply just want to FEEL better… that’s the common goal.  To start feeling a lot less shite about ourselves and a lot more fabulous… by taking care of our bodies and minds.
Which is why I’ve created #NoFilter Fitness – a studio with classes that are both effective and affordable for women who deeply desire results but just need a shift in the right direction.
At #NoFilter you’re not a number on a swipe card.  Your opinion matters.  If you’re ever stuck, we’re here to support you every step of the way.  It’s not a Gym… It’s Better!

One Time Offer – 50% off your first month – use the code SEP50 at the checkout.
I achieved what I NEEDED to achieve but never realised for a second that I would enjoy every minute of it & the energy levels I have now compared to before I started are unbelievable.
The girls in the gym are such a great bunch, I thoroughly enjoy going to classes, I miss it when I can’t make it.Fiona
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What You’ll Get

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    Unlimited Classes

    That’s right. As many classes as you like per month, you can even do two in the same day (if you like) without over training.

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    Online Classes

    You’re not expected to spend every bit of your spare time in the studio and of course life happens, sometimes you WANT to come in but you just can’t. That’s why we have a library of online workouts to follow along to at home. if you can’t come to the studio, we bring it to you.

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    Nutrition Manual

    Our mini e-book is a step by step guide in creating and managing your nutrition choices WITHOUT counting or restrictive dieting. Life is for living, and you should enjoy the process every step of the way.

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    Small Group Training

    Spaces in most classes range from 8-18. That means you won’t be left in a corner twiddling your thumbs or trying not to kick your neighbour in the face (seriously!!) No matter what fitness class you join you DESERVE the care and attention from the trainer, but here’s the thing: most places with large groups simply don’t do that! You can be rest assured that you’re in safe hands from start to finish.

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    Transform In 4 Meal Plan

    Listen, if you want a full on meal plan, we have that too! The Transform in 4 is a “Done For You” 4 week meal plan so you don’t have to second guess any meal choices. The 50 Page Book contains your meals for 4 weeks, weekly shopping list and step by step recipes on HOW to cook your meals.

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    60 Additional Recipes

    If you’re not fancying something on the Transform in 4, you’ll be given another 60 tasty recipes to choose from, which includes a breakdown of nutrition content in each.

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    Expert Guidance from a Coach Who Cares

    No more joining gyms and having a 15 minute induction before being left to your own devices. There are no silly or stupid questions, grasp this opportunity with both hands. The thought of change is scary, but I’m here to help!

50% Off First Month with the Code SEP50 Click Here

“I have to say u have changed my outlook on diets completely. I joined with you roughly 2 years ago at Clubbersize and then boot camp in the park until u opened the best gym ever for ladies only as we all say it’s not just a gym it’s much more. My body shape has completely changed through exercise and learning all about nutrition. You have helped me understand what are good foods and great recipes to stay on track I no longer think about dieting or losing weight I just eat well and go to classes which I really enjoy. Ur tips for eating slowly and stopping when full have been great and I can honestly say they do work. People have asked me was I doing slimming world diet or weight watchers as they can see a big change in my shape. My reply is I am eating more than I ever did but it’s all about nutrition now and what is good for me and I don’t feel guilty about having something naughty sometimes as u say life is for living and we should be able to enjoy what we want .portion sizes are also a great help using smaller plates tanx for all your support.” – Angela

The Terms & Conditions

We’ll keep it simple.  It’s a 30 Day Contract – meaning upon joining you’ll be committing for a minimum two months.   After that, you can cancel at any time, just give 30 Days notice to Cancel before your next Billing Date.
The membership price is €65 per month.  You’ll be billed every month automatically on the same date as your first purchase.
Use the code SEP50 to get 50% Off Your First Month.
The offer is available to newbies only.  If you would like to rejoin, please contact sarahjane@nofilter.ie to discuss your options.
Classes go ahead subject to minimum bookings.  The timetable is subject to change based on class attendance.
We don’t run classes on bank holiday weekends.
And we’re closed between Christmas & New Year.
The rest of the stuff is pretty standard, health & safety, privacy etc etc but if you’re not sure, you can check out our full policy here


You’ll find us in JFK Industrial Estate which is conveniently located close to the Nangor Road, Killeen Road, Kylemore Road and Naas Road

Why I do This?

You should know that I’m a “life is for living” Coach. I’ve never been on a diet. The gym was never my scene. I went from a dark place in my life where I felt that I was destined to be miserable forever because “that’s just how it is”. It was only when I started exercising where I found some joy in life, and over time as I started to feel better on the inside, everything on the outside started to change. I started to share my passion for exercise with women from Lucan and surrounding areas. When I saw how much impact it had on their lives, that’s when #NoFilter Fitness was created.  A permanent residence for normal, everyday women, to find their joy in life and to meet new friends.  Every day I’m thankful to those amazing women who come in because each one brings their own sparkle and will forever hold a special place in my heart.

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As someone who has significantly benefited from your online training I can honestly say that you are the reason I have stayed focused and now use your (+1) technique when I have a ‘bad day’ – you are an amazing trainer and person. Thank you for all your support.Karen