So I Googled “Gym Girl” and I felt sick.

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I run a fitness facility for women. It’s not a “commercial” gym. It’s a little safe place where women of ALL shapes and sizes can come in, sweat, have the craic and socialise while improving their health and fitness levels.
I’m also launching a new 6 week transformation package. So while I’m waiting for my current client’s “after” pictures, I decided to Google “Gym Girl” in order to get a pic to promote the new package.
My jaw dropped. Exhibit A below.
Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 11.16.42
This is what’s fucking wrong with the fitness industry and why so many people don’t even bother to give themselves a chance! Sexualisation. Ass, Abs and Tits. The media focus is now turning from size 0 models and celebrities, to Insta “Fit” Chicks who are wearing practically nothing holding a dumbbell, and of course the lads are imagining the dumbbell to be something else hur hur hur!!
Just so you know, some of those girls lift and have muscle definition, some of them are graced with “flat tummy” genetics… they’re skinny fat… and I worry that people think this is the “toned” look they’re going for.
What happened to good ol’ wellness, balanced diet and exercising to improve quality of life?
You should be working out for YOU!! Not to rack up likes on Instagram or Facebook, not to impress others or get attention from a certain someone. If you’re in that mindset then missus, you will NEVER reach your goals. Sorry. Not sorry.
Every woman is a “real” woman, despite filters and photoshop, so lets just put that aside. The women who come to my gym however are “mainstream”, meaning we all have jelly on the belly, wobbly arms and thighs, some are looking to lose a good bit of weight for health purposes, some are there for mental health reasons, some are there to make new friends… there are loads of reasons but I can certainly tell you that one reason is NOT to be on Google as a “Gym Girl”
We are the total opposite to what you commonly see on Google. Exhibit B Below.
There’s more to life than just Tits and Ass.