Class Info

Some of our classes run on a seasonal basis whereas others run all year round. Here’s our most recent timetable and scroll down for more information on specific classes.


PWR Beatz

PWR Beatz is a functional 45 minute class that ticks all the boxes: Cardio, Toning & Core.  Broken down into those three categories, it’s fast-paced, physically challenging but extremely effective if you’re tight for time and don’t want to feel like the time drags by.  Alternate moves can be given to beginners, however, please note that this class isn’t a walk in the park – be prepared to sweat and feel a surge of energy as you bust through that plateau & comfort zone.


Great for: Cardio, Toning, Core, Ticks all the boxes in one session.

*Note, this is NOT a dance-fitness class*



Jump & Pump Circuit

Perfect for people with dodgy joints, this is a low impact, high intensity class.  Hop on and off the trampolines in our circuit with a resistance exercise in between.  Great all rounder for effectiveness in a short space of time.  Plus it’s a big ol bucket of FUN!


Great For: Cardio, Joint Protection, Muscle Retention, Fat Burn, Stress Relief.

Glow Beatz

Dance in the Dark with disco lights and glow sticks. Beatz Fitness is a brand new dance fitness concept brought over from the UK.  It’s the first Beatz Class in Ireland and in Dublin but hopefully, soon enough there will be more classes popping up everywhere as it’s an all-inclusive, low impact yet high energy dance fitness class for all levels.  If you like Zumba or Aerobics, you’ll love Glow Beatz.  Bringing you anthems from past, present, and future, Beatz can be praised for its variety of music and movement styles be it aerobics, club, hip-hop or a bit of Latin, variety is the spice of life!

Great For: New to Fitness, Cardio, Music, Aerobics, Fun.



BB (Barbell) Burn

This resistance class is low impact, meaning it’s easy 

on those joints.  We use barbells with weights and perform PHA Supersets – lower and upper body exercises back to back, to pump sweat, burn fat and to give those muscles a good seeing to.  We also do a bit of floor work for the core, and mats are provided for your comfort.  This class will make you sweat, but as there’s no cardio involved you will not feel out of breath.

Great For: Joint Mobility, Muscle Build, Fat Loss, Core Strength. 



Title recently changed from “Bootcamp”, you never know what you’re gonna get in this class.  We combine both cardio and resistance exercises for a full body workout.  Sometimes we work altogether, sometimes in pairs, sometimes in circuits or agility courses.  But one thing can be certain, you’ll be pretty much shattered at the end but feeling on top of the world for finishing it!!

Great For: Forgetting about the worst day at work ever, feeling like a total badass.


POUND – Rockout Workout.

Sculpt, Tone & DRUM your way to a happier and healthier you! Using specially designed Ripstix, this class will have you feeling like a rockstar in no time! It’s choreographed squats, lunges, glutes and abs but no dance and both feet usually remain in the one place. No grapevines or box steps in this class!  And you’ll hobble out doing your very best John Wayne impression!

Great For: Toning, Cardio, Fun, Stress Relief, Core Strength, Beginners Intro to Fitness.



Kickstart SG-PT

It’s no secret that the most effective method for strength & wellness is by lifting some heavy ass weights. You’ll find some other facilities sell this as “Small Group Personal Training” whereas we have decided to just include it in the membership while we have the space for it. It’s a supervised weight training session, you’re given a programme of the main and most common exercises to work Chest, Back, Legs and Shoulders with a little bit of accessory work if we need to add space into the circuit. You lift what you can, so this class has very limited numbers to allow for this. You get a card and record your lift and how many lifts you manage. 3 Sets. It’s different to Bootcamp or HIIT because you’re lifting a specific weight for your specific goal and you’ll be surprised by the amount of sweat you pump out with no cardio.

Great for: Building strength, Increasing Muscle, Fat Loss, Improving Technique


Stretch & (Tone/ Flow/ Pilates)

Using Pilates inspired movements this class is low impact, low intensity yet great for working the muscles and reducing stress levels. If you’re mad about the HIIT classes and have a stressful life as it is, this class is vital for balancing those stress hormones for optimal results. We also use resistance bands or suspension trainers to enhance or advance exercises but know like all of our classes no matter what level you start at you’re in good hands.

Great for: Stress Relief, Lengthening and Toning Muscles, Core Strength, Back Stability.

hiit30minilogoHigh-Intensity Interval Training, this is a boot camp of all sorts (without being roared at or forced to do advanced moves).  We rotate workouts every 3-4 weeks for consistency and so you can monitor progress.  Adaptations are available for newbies, but be warned it’s not a walk in the park.  The half-hour flies in, but it’s a half hour of hard work – don’t wear makeup unless you want it running off your face!
Note: Please do not choose HIIT as your first class if you are new to exercise – choose FitCamp before trying HIIT.


TRX & Kettlebells

The suspension trainer is a fantastic piece of equipment to get a full body and cardio workout and I highly recommend investing in one to use at home or take with you on trips away. This class is high intensity, and fast paced to fire up the muscles and heart rate. Aside from the all over body effects, the TRX in particular is great for improving grip strength which is often first to go before the muscles fatigue.

Great For: All over fitness, HIIT, strength & endurance.





Bringing a Night Out To Your Workout” does exactly what it says on the tin.  It’s aerobics in a darkened room, with disco lights and glow sticks. No fancy footwork, so even the most “uncoordinated” can work up a sweat.  There are low impact and high impact options to choose from in the class, so if it gets too intense you can take it down a notch, or if you want to sweat more you can rock it out.

Great For: Fat Loss, Increasing Fitness Levels, Introduction to Fitness, FUN!