Covid-19 Safety Statement


  • DO NOT ENTER if you’re experiencing symptoms of Covid-19, are a close contact of someone self-isolating with symptoms or have been asked by your doctor to self-isolate or cocoon.
  • All members must bring their own TOWEL and MAT to all sessions
  • Stay in your own designated social distanced area for the duration of the class and respect social distancing at all times
  • Personal hygiene & coughing etiquette must be adhered to.
  • Assume that your hands and the equipment are contaminated; clean your own pieces of equipment before and after use and clean your hands BEFORE cleaning the equipment, then clean your hands again.
  • No personal items, waste, water bottles etc are to be left behind – they will be binned, including phones!

Advanced booking online is mandatory

Risk Assessment Covid-19 at #NoFilter Fitness

Hazard & Risk Description

Pre-Covid Measures

New Covid Measures

New Level Of Risk

General Surface Contamination

Studio Cleaning twice per week, floors, toilet, handrails and surfaces

Daily surface cleaning of the studio. Additional cleaning supplies provided for regular cleaning of touchpoint surfaces


Equipment Contamination

Weekly Cleaning of equipment

Clients will clean every piece of personal equipment used in each session with clean hands supervised by their Coach


Personal Space Contamination – Physical Distancing

No Risk

Floor has been clearly marked out to accommodate the 2x2m minimum distancing and classes operate at reduced capacity to give more than 2x2m space


Personal Space Contamination – Physical Distancing & Coaching

Coaches ask permission to approach the client

Trainers will coach from a safe distance and not make any physical contact with the client. Boxing and partner work has been suspended


Cash Contamination

Online, Card or Cash

Online Transactions Only


Hand Contamination

1 Sanitiser in the studio upstairs and 1 downstairs

Sanitiser on entry and all clients are supplied with their own stanitiser at their exercise station should they touch the floor or other surface in the middle of a session


Touching Face


Clients are required to bring their own towel to wipe their face to prevent hand to face contact


Respiratory Droplets

Tissues are readily available for clients to catch coughs or sneezes

Tissues are readily available for clients to catch coughs or sneezes


Cross Surface Contamination

No Risk

Locker Area has been closed. Clients are asked to bring only essential personal items and keep them at their station


Person Using the Facilities whilst feeling unwell

Clients have been advised to stay at home during bouts of illness

Clients must fill in “return to work” form online on a weekly basis to verify that they are well and not a close contact of someone self-isolating


Coaches Being Fit For Work


Coaches will take a daily temperature check and log record


Covid-19 & Memberships:

Should you become ill as a result of Covid-19 and are not well enough to participate in online live streams, please contact me and I will hold your membership for two weeks.

If I become unwell and am not in a position to facilitate classes I will pause all memberships and resume accordingly.

If I’m asked to self-isolate, I will stream classes from home and memberships will not be affected.

If there is a second wave and restrictions are imposed again, live streams will run and memberships will not be affected.

By coming to the studio, at the moment, you will not be classed as a close contact of anyone else attending as you will be maintaining social distancing and attending for a short period of time. However, it’s important that all attendance is logged to facilitate contact tracing if need be.

You have the personal responsibility to protect yourself and others by keeping your distance, washing your hands regularly and containing coughs or sneezes with a tissue or the crook of your elbow.