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Is this You?

Are you tired of feeling stressed, anxious or overwhelmed?

Do you know you can be so much happier, but you feel like you are always striving to get there?

Do you struggle with a relentless inner critic hammering away at your belief in yourself?

Are your relationships all you want them to be?

Have you battled with poor self image, weight & body confidence for many years caught in a self sabotaging cycle?

Are you relying on things like alcohol, food or endless scrolling to fill the void much more than you want to?

Do you struggle with sleep?

Are your nutrition & physical health too low on your priority list or a battle you constantly forge with yourself?

Do you rarely feel safe to open up & show the world who you truly are?

Do you rarely laugh or feel joyful & happy?

Do you rarely feel truly feel alive rather than just existing?

Do you often feel disconnected from yourself or others?

Do you think that self love is just for gurus & buddhas?

How many of the above have you said Yes to?
Just Say YES

You are saying YES to you!

You are saying YES to letting go of negative sabotaging beliefs & habits.

You are saying YES to unleashing all that you are.

You are saying YES to a bright abundant future.

You are saying YES to loving yourself.

You are saying YES to meeting your needs.

You are saying YES to your soul.

You are saying YES to your dreams goals & desires.

You are saying YES to your freedom from old negative patterns, stories & behaviours.

You are saying YES to kicking your inner critic’s ass.

You are saying YES to better physical emotional mental & spiritual connection & wellbeing.

You are saying YES to a happier, healthier You!
It is not about becoming anything more than you already are.
The true authentic you is amazing.
It is about unbecoming all the layers of gunk, old patterns , stories, fears & doubts that are sitting on top of who you truly are.

This is about your freedom.Lynda

What You’ll Get

  • Connector.

    Two Coaches for the Price of One

    Forget what Kylie from Instagram said. No more second guessing yourself. You will attend 10 Live workshops led by two expert coaches, packed with powerful transformation techniques that you can apply to everyday life.

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    Nutrition Coaching

    You’ll be given the tools to keep you accountable and mindful everyday. Learn how to put simple daily nutrition habits in place so that you’ll never have to question your choices and still enjoy the foods you love!

  • Connector.

    Mindset Upgrades

    Letting go of old limiting beliefs that have held you back up until this point. You will learn to see things in a different light so that you can create the space to finally move forward in your life. Stop surviving and start thriving!

  • Connector.

    The Power of Sleep

    Sleep is our fuel that gives us energy for the day ahead. And a lot of underlying issues, such as stress, anxiety, poor nutrition habits etc come down to lacking in good sleep. What’s holding you back from sleeping well? You will find out on the course, and YES you can get better sleep even if you have young children.

  • Connector.

    Self Awareness & Release

    Learn to support yourself on all levels. Know what your needs are & how to meet them in a healthy way so that you gain the freedom to design your life and live on your own terms.

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    Energy Healing, Meditation & Hypnotherapy

    We all occasionally go to the spa for a massage, or facial… but have you ever heard of a MIND SPA? Yep, you’ll get that too, fully declutter your brain of all the noise so that you can focus on your next task with a clear head.

  • Connector.

    Expert Guidance from Coaches Who Care

    You’re bound to face some stumbling blocks (in between laughing and discovering those lightbulb moments). There are no silly or stupid questions, grasp this opportunity with both hands. The thought of change can be scary, but we’re here to help!

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    BONUS: Online Support Group

    Your vibe creates your tribe. Keep in touch with your fellow MBMembers, ask questions, share your success and celebrate triumphs. Your private online support group will also be filled with positive reinforcement of your new learned skills, as well as even MORE insights and guidance, because, to be perfectly honest, we can’t fit it all in to one workshop per week.

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When, Where, How Much?

Next Course Start Date Tuesday 18th April 2023

Duration 10 Weeks

Every Tuesday from 7-9pm
Venue: Ace Enterprise Park,
Clondalkin, Dublin 22

For 20 hours of coaching over 10 weeks, to include but not limited to, anxiety & stress management, fitness education, on demand workouts (beginner and advanced), nutrition coaching, recipes, meditation, reiki energy healing, mindspa, emotional eating, self sabotage, establishing boundaries and rewiring negative thought patterns….

…all together the retail value is €2000

You Pay : €397

(Works out at €19.85 per hour & all the other bits are FREE… simply because we want to do everything we can to help you succeed)
To PAYG for 10 sessions of 121 coaching alone would be €1500

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Why I do This?

After significant childhood trauma, I suffered for many years of my life with depression, anxiety, low self esteem and PTSD. I found that exercise helped me heal and become my authentic self. I decided that my place in the world involved helping people find strength from within. My motto is “you can always change your mind”. Your past does not define your future.Sarah-Jane
As someone who has significantly benefited from your online training I can honestly say that you are the reason I have stayed focused and now use your (+1) technique when I have a ‘bad day’ – you are an amazing trainer and person. Thank you for all your support.Karen

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Terms & Conditions

-All payments & deposits are non refundable.
-The price is for 10 weeks inclusive on the advertised start date, no discounts will be given for missed sessions.
-If you have paid your deposit and your plans change, you can transfer to a new start date, subject to 2 Days notice in advance of the start date.
-Once a course has started, there is no option to transfer dates. (Just like you can’t go to the first 10 mins of a concert and then decide to come back to watch the rest the next time round)
-If you have paid in full and your plans change, you can transfer your place to a friend at your own convenience.
-Results are unique to each individual and are determined by how much you engage with the programme.
-You will need a Facebook account to have access to our online support group.
-We may occasionally record samples in session for promotional purposes, if you do not wish to be photographed or filmed, please let us know upon attending.
-This course is suitable for all people aged 18 and over, who are in general good health. It is not suitable for those with diagnosed serious physical or mental health conditions, for example, Bi-Polar Disorder, Schizophrenia, recovering from Surgery etc. If you are unsure, please check with your clinical team.
-MBM will not be held responsible for any persons or property damaged, lost or stolen on site or for any injury where negligence on our part cannot be proven.

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