Your Journey Starts Here

Thanks for submitting your info, you’re now on the presale list to get 30% off the price on our next intake. And here is a bit more information about the programme.

You can ask anyone who needs to lose weight that they didn’t gain it in the first place because they just love food too much. There’s much more to weight management than just the food that goes on the plate. Anyone can lose weight by following a meal plan and exercise regime but what happens when they stop? They put it all back on, and then some. Why? Because the process was unsustainable, for whatever reason (not enjoyable, too strict, fed up of counting, saving points for the weekend, fretting over family occasions where food is involved… insert your reason here)

Your journey starts with your attitude towards food and towards yourself.

What happens on the programme?

  • You’ll be given access to our online platform that is 100% confidential 1-2-1 from me to you.
  • On sign up, complete a questionnaire about your current lifestyle, habits, food likes, dislikes and your priorities and goals
  • When you do this you will be sent a Customised Quick Start Guide – containing recommended portion sizes and amounts per day, a list of food suggestions etc (so if you’re into the meal plan thing, you can quickly create your own one), tips on exercise nutrition etc.
  • Then you’ll spend a few days getting to know how the programme works before officially starting the following Monday
  • You’ll be added to our online Facebook or WhatsApp group so you can keep in touch with others going through the curriculum, great for sharing meal ideas or suggestions on how to get past the boredom binges!
  • When it starts you’ll be given a new lesson to read every day, and a card to check off your habit. Some lessons require you to fill in your opinions, some don’t. Then you go about your day as normal with the little nugget of info you just learned.
  • Over time you will build habits, backed by the lessons to learn exactly why you’re doing this, and how to manage it for the rest of your life – yaay, no more dieting!!
  • It requires 10-15 minutes of your day to check in with your Coach (me!).  If you cannot spare 10-15 minutes each day or are expecting a quick fix then this programme is not for you.

Over the next few days I will send you some emails with more information & price list so you know exactly what you’re getting before making any decisions.

Oh and just so you know right now, there’s a 100% money back guarantee.

Sarah-Jane x