Beginner’s 6 Week Plan

Beginners Basic 6 Week Plan

Just Starting out? Find that most online home workouts are just too hard for you?

Truth is, you’re right. Most people who sign up to an online fitness programme start out with the best intentions, however they soon realise that they’re well out of their depth, are told to do burpees on the first go and subsequently deem themselves too unfit to carry on.

This is why I’ve created an affordable online plan specifically for beginners.

No burpees.  No messing.

It’s the Goldilocks of Fitness for Beginners; not too little, not too much;

Just the right amount to deliver great results. 


In this online plan you’ll receive:

  • -Recommended workout plan that builds from week 1 to week 6
  • -Follow Along Videos so you’re not lost on your own
  • -Two Beginners Bodyweight videos to build strength
  • -A fun Dance Fitness video for Cardio
  • -A Beginner’s Step Aerobics video for Cardio (can be done without a step)
  • -Two Pilates/ Stretch & Tone workouts for added strength and active recovery



  • -An additional high intensity Ultimate Body Conditioning Workout
  • -Bonus 10 minute Core Workout
  • -Warm up and Cool down videos
  • -30 Tasty Recipes – Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks & Smoothies
  • -Tutorial on building Healthy Habits for Longterm Success.
  • -Eat Well to Feel Well Video Seminar for Sustainable Results.

*Two of the workouts require a resistance band, which you can supplement with a pair of tights to get you started*

Our classes are normally €10 PAYG, You’re getting 12 videos plus all of the extras that you can repeat as often as you like in your own time.  If you need some help, you can reach out at any time in our free Facebook Group.

Follow this plan and in six weeks you’ll be ready to take your fitness to the next level. 

One-time Purchase of €29.99 for Lifetime Access – meaning you can come back to this content whenever you like, just make sure your details are correct upon sign-up so you don’t lose your login details.

Secure payment via Paypal.