Online Community Membership

Our Online Community Membership is very similar to our Studio Membership, instead of coming into classes, you will get:

-Access to all of our ongoing Live Stream classes (Via Zoom)
-Weekly Live Zoom Catch-Up every Thursday at 8pm – feel free to put on the kettle or crack open the wine
-Free Consultation for Weekly Members
-1 Monthly 1-2-1 Online Coaching Session for Studio Members on Monthly Payments


-Over 30 On Demand Workout Videos, a mix of no equipment and home based equipment
-Eat Well to Feel Well Nutrition Seminar
-60+ Recipes
-Transform in 4 Meal Plan
-Additional “How to” Talks in Nutrition & Lifestyle
-Concise Weight Loss Strategy ebook
-DIY Home Training Programme

-Access to our private Facebook Group

Some Live Stream classes will require a Kettlebell and a Resistance Band to take part.  Please see timetable below

Commencing March 30th.  Available to Online Community Membership Holders only.

Mon Tue Wed Thurs Fri Sat
10am HIIT 10am Body Conditioning 10am Kettlebell Burn 10am Pilates 10am Step & Tone
6pm Step 6pm Kettlebell Burn 7pm Beatz Dance Aerobics 6pm Body Conditioning

8pm Check In Chats

6pm HIIT

Bills Weekly. No Contract. Cancel at any time.