13 – Your Week in Review

Congratulations, you’ve finished the week!

Things to do today:

  • Fill in Your Weekly Wrap Up form so I can see how you’re getting on.

  • Record your metrics as desired

    • This could be weight, pictures, measurements, sleep, mood or stress levels etc. Save in your phone or jot it in a notebook.

    • Data is useful both to celebrate wins and troubleshoot issues.  Don’t obsess too much over it, either way, be consistent in practicing habits and making mindful choices every day.

  • Reflect on the week that’s been

    • What went well, where did you struggle, what can you do to be 1% better next week? 

    • If you’re struggling, or celebrating, reach out to me, I’m here to answer your questions and to listen. 

  • Look forward to the week ahead 

You can do this!

Catch you tomorrow!