25 – Eating In

It’s perfectly normal to find yourself completely not arsed to cook, have nothing prepared, or just fancy a dial a dinner. 

But if you have a weight management goal, a little bit of mindfulness is key for you to have a guilt – free takeaway. 

Remember, whatever you order – eat slowly and stop when you’re full, not stuffed – and in general, you’ll be grand. 

Ok, here’s my personal advice on what to order depending on what you fancy. 

Chinese Food: 
Diced breast of chicken dish with boiled rice and stir fried vegetables.  If you don’t specify the diced breast, you’ll get the crap chicken.  Usually sauces are high in fat and sugar… that’s why curry turns to jelly when it’s cold, so give yourself enough for flavour and drain the rest.  There is always too much for one person, so split between two, bin half of it or reheat the leftovers tomorrow. 

One bag of chips between two people, if you eat slowly I’m telling you you won’t even finish the chips.  Some chippers do grilled fillet of chicken burger, but you can also opt for fish and leave half the batter or any main with a very small portion of chips just for taste.  If you’re ordering for yourself, do not order chips – they’ll throw a handful in the bag with your main.

I don’t eat Indian food but I imagine the structure is similar to Chinese food – ask about a diced breast of chicken and drain sauce where possible.

Thin base (not super thin because it’ll arrive cold) with lots of veggies.  If you eat meat, see if they have a meat based side that you can fill up on rather than relying solely on the pizza – to be honest, if you’re watching your weight, the pizza shop isn’t a great idea, it’s hard to balance the meal and quite often can leave you bloated and sitting on the loo for most of the next day.  That doesn’t mean you can’t make your own at home, but suggesting that would defeat the purpose of this lesson!

Cream based sauces are higher in fat and Tomato based sauces are higher in sugar, also a lot of pasta dishes have LOADS of pasta and very little meat or veggies; so no matter what you order, just focus on the fundamentals, eat slow and stop when you’re full.