1 – Introduction – How do you have an amazing transformation?


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How do you have an amazing transformation? One small change at a time.

Day 1. You’re excited.  I’m excited for you!

Remember this moment… you’ll need it at some point when you WILL get a bit pissed off with everything.

Right, back to the positivity and introduction.

Let’s go!

Step 1: Housekeeping

-Book onto your sessions in advance.  This sets up your mind that you’ve made a decision and you’re now going to follow through with it. 

-At the end every week, you’ll have an opportunity to reflect on how your week has been.  Use that time to either catch up on emails or just chill out and plan for the week ahead.

-The information going forward are lessons for you about lifestyle and nutrition – they are just tidbits of info to mull over your morning coffee, that’s it, it’s not school, there’s no homework, the main thing that you do is take ACTION with getting your workouts done and making mindful nutrition choices

 2: Building habits for long term success.

I’m a Precision Nutrition Certified Coach, so I promote building habits for long-lasting results.

Over the next 6 weeks, there are 3 main habits that I want you to focus on.

1. Mindful Choices.
2. Slow Down.
3. Plan Ahead.

This is week 1 – making mindful choices.  It’s ambiguous for a reason because that interpretation is up to you. 

Set a reminder in your phone every day to keep you on track. (Seriously, this works!)

OR: Download this Free App to keep track of your habits:
(First 3 habits are free then I think you have to pay for any more)

When you feel like you don’t need to be reminded, that’s an indicator that that habit is now set in stone.

Then we move onto the next one and so on.

You won’t have to think about eating nutritiously and staying active. You’ll just do it, automatically.

It may not be so seamless for some after 6 short weeks.

For long-term clients I work with, we focus on a new habit every week to build on. 

But by 6 weeks time, you WILL have a clearer understanding of how to 1. be kinder to yourself and 2. make guilt-free choices that lead you to your goals.

Nice one.


Step 3: Take action, today… and every day.

Some days you might be up to taking several actions to move towards your goals.  Some days you won’t feel like doing anything. 

I’m asking you to focus on at least ONE thing every day that will help you move forward.

Or to stop you from giving up.

It could be a simple 5 minutes to reflect on how you’re feeling.

Or it could be making sure you get a bit more protein into your meals.

Because only consistent, daily action creates change.

Regardless of the habit you’re on “now” (or in a few weeks time), once you act on ONE thing, that’s a step forward, no matter how small it may seem.

You can do this,


Some of the lessons ahead refer to “losing weight” as a reference.  If losing weight is one of your long-term goals, that’s fine.  However, if you’ve no desire to lose body fat, that’s absolutely fine too – just think about the context of the lesson and how it might apply to your situation/ goals. 

What to do now:

-Book into your sessions

– Did you join our Private Facebook Group?

-If your goal involves aesthetics then record your metrics – weight, inches & pictures.

-Have a think about the quality of your life as it is right now, mood, sleep, fitness & stress levels so you can make comparisons at the end of the 6 Weeks.

-Have a browse through loads of recipes with the links in the next lesson