23 – Empty Calories

Empty Calories

A quick and efficient way of reducing your daily calories is by cutting out “empty calories” – i.e any drinks that have calories in them. 

Now if you like to have a cuppa in the morning or after dinner with milk and sugar that’s fine. 

But if you’re having several cuppas throughout the day, it all adds up.

“Empty calories” provide you with no nutrients. You are not getting any nutritional benefit from the ingredients in sodas, specialty coffee drinks and juices. Most of these sodas contain junk you really don’t want in your body.

-If you’re drinking a lot of fluid with calories in them, start reducing that amount gradually. 

-Consider swapping to “0 calorie” drinks

-Water is an excellent appetite suppressant, and it’s free* 

(Sometimes we think we’re hungry, but really we’re dehydrated, I in no way advocate a “water only diet” lol, but have a glass of water, if you’re still hungry after then you know you have to eat!)

-If you don’t like water, try adding a dash of squash or slice of fruit

Water plays an important role in:

  • Saliva and stomach secretions: to properly digest food;
  • Blood: to help transport nutrients and oxygen to all the cells of the body;
  • Body fluids: to help lubricate joints and cushion organs and tissues;
  • Urine: to carry waste products out of the body;
  • Sweat: to regulate body heat generated during exercise.

All of these are essential functions that allow us to perform at our very best day in and day out.

Bottoms up!

SJ x