Been Good All Week? Here’s Why You’re Not Seeing Results.

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This is a comment from a mother in regards to babies and toddlers being diagnosed with obesity and the question was is it the parent’s fault. I read this comment to my other half and he said “Yeah, she’s right, no?” You’re looking at it now and can’t see any issues with her comment either, listen she means well, I’m … Read More

The BS About Breakfast.

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You have heard: “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day” “Skipping Breakfast slows down your Metabolism” “Skipping Breakfast can make you gain weight” “Skipping Breakfast retains fat” “Skipping Breakfast slows down brain function” It’s all bollox. To put it simply. Because there’s this notion that you have to eat breakfast first thing in the morning. Listen, if you’re … Read More

Let Me Tell You A Story

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Picture this. You weigh yourself, look down at the scales and feel that you should lose weight. OK. You decide that you should lose a stone. OK. You decide to join a group and start a healthy eating regime. You go to your first weigh in, get it down on paper and get your plan. Grand. You go shopping and … Read More

Emotional Eating – It’s Real

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We should eat and drink for both nourishment and enjoyment. Food is not just a means to keep us alive. It can be the centre of our social stream. We meet friends for food, we sit at the table together and talk about our day, or the days to come. We have business meetings over lunch. Let’s face it, if … Read More