Gentle Ben

There is only one thing that we are guaranteed in life, and that is that it eventually comes to an end. By that I mean the life that we know now with our loved ones on this Earth, regardless of our belief in what comes next. Our Dad Ben, he embraced everything that life gave […]

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The BS About Breakfast.

You have heard: “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day” “Skipping Breakfast slows down your Metabolism” “Skipping Breakfast can make you gain weight” “Skipping Breakfast retains fat” “Skipping Breakfast slows down brain function” It’s all bollox. To put it simply. Because there’s this notion that you have to eat breakfast first thing in

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Fitness – We all have one common goal: To FEEL Better.

What’s the story with appearance based sales pitches in the fitness industry? Lose weight, tone up, get a flat tummy, blah blah blah. Commonly you see on social media “motivational” pictures of super fit men and women with insane muscular definition that’s pretty much an impossible reach for the masses. If you’re a commoner like

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