Fitness – We all have one common goal: To FEEL Better.

gymbunny2What’s the story with appearance based sales pitches in the fitness industry? Lose weight, tone up, get a flat tummy, blah blah blah. Commonly you see on social media “motivational” pictures of super fit men and women with insane muscular definition that’s pretty much an impossible reach for the masses. If you’re a commoner like me, comparing yourself to these peak physiques can be off putting and put you in the mindset of “I’ll never look like that, so why bother?”
I see a lot of different people from week to week. I NEVER assume that everyone in my class wants the same outcome – for example; weight loss.
However, I DO assume that everyone wants at least one thing: to feel better within themselves. Be it in body or mind, we do share that common interest and collectively by coming together we can achieve our own individual goals.
Yes some people want to lose weight, some people want to increase muscle definition (or tone up), some people simply want to increase their fitness levels so they can perform everyday tasks better like lifting the shopping in, climbing the stairs, run around after the kids without getting exhausted. Some people want to make new friends. Some people also turn to fitness to increase their bone density to reduce risks of arthritis and osteoporosis. Some people want to drop excess body weight to reduce risks of diabetes and other health issues. It is not always about “getting ripped” because for the everyday Joe like you and me, it’s just about improving quality of life.
I lost a bit of weight through fitness (and been up and down on the scales since then), but I can’t say that was my primary goal. From a young age, right up til I started exercising I suffered with depression and anxiety. Don’t get me wrong, I still have the occasional “off” day, but since I started being more active my mental health issues have dropped considerably and what I call the “heavy heart syndrome” is near enough non existent anymore. In fact, it’s turned the opposite way round to “happy heart syndrome” where I’m literally feeling like my heart is so light it makes me smile and think of how grateful I am to have so many good things in my life.
I’ll let you in on a little secret: Last Summer I had to reduce my classes because I couldn’t get a hall that could be darkened on more than one night. What happened then naturally my body fat started creeping back up again because I wasn’t exercising as much – but still getting my once a week fix. Whenever I went out and met people I hadn’t seen in a while I heard “you look amazing, well done!” I’m telling you now ladies I probably put half the weight back on at this stage but I was HAPPY. When you’re healthy in mind you just give out this subconscious glow about you that’s attractive to others on the outside.

Enjoy Yourself!
Enjoy Yourself!

It has been over 3 years now since I got my last Xanax prescription. I have had some off days or an off week, but what has generally fixed it has been getting into the hall and sweating out for the hour. Regardless of having 4 people or 40 people in the class in front of me, I have NEVER finished the class feeling like shite. Wrecked, sore, and tired yes, but mentally I’ve always felt fresh.
That’s why I say my business is in Happiness. Don’t define your happiness based on appearance. If your mind is clear, and you feel good, all the appearance changes that will happen are an added natural bonus!

2 thoughts on “Fitness – We all have one common goal: To FEEL Better.”

  1. YAAAS! Preach, girl! This is what i’ve been looking for and you seem to get it down to your core, not just as something that’s said as a motivational poster phrase! How you appear to others depends fully on how you feel inside yourself, and exercise helps that glow from the inside out. <3 this post and your honesty xx

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