8 Amazing Success Stories from the Women at #NoFilter

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Think that joining a fitness class is just about losing weight and toning up? Think again. Yes, weight loss and change of appearance if desired can be a bonus to some, but for a lot of our members, that’s not a priority at all. Read on to hear about how #NoFilter Fitness has helped real Irish women who “don’t like … Read More

If you’re not lifting weights, you should be.

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As a cardio queen I have managed to convert many women from the dance floor to the gym floor by creating a safe environment to teach them how to lift weights safely without feeling like an idiot or that the whole world is watching them. For the record, I’m not your typical gym junkie. I hate running. I’m not addicted … Read More

Why are some Gyms Cheap and Not Others?

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Short answer: Staffing costs. A qualified fitness instructor/ personal trainer pays on average €2500 for their starter qualification, just to get their foot on the ladder and those with a thirst for more knowledge and experience may spend an additional €1000- €2000 per year on further education. This is out of their own pocket (if the gym they work for … Read More

Why you’re wasting money trying to lose weight.

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The Summer is fast approaching and your news feed is full of everything weight loss related. Gyms, bootcamps, detoxes, diets, gadgets, supplements, wraps, shakes and on and on and on. Someone posted in a selling group a “weight loss drink, PM for info” and it had a whopping 100 comments! I’ve yet to come across a distributor for these products … Read More

Why Losing Weight Too Quickly Will Ruin You

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It’s the New Year and of course the internet is flooded with 30 Day challenges, Transformation Packages, Skinny Teas, Aloe Detoxes and all that malarky in order to entice you to buy into their shite. Listen, you have the right to spend your hard earned cash on whatever you like but rest assured, do you know what you’re actually buying … Read More

So I Googled “Gym Girl” and I felt sick.

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I run a fitness facility for women. It’s not a “commercial” gym. It’s a little safe place where women of ALL shapes and sizes can come in, sweat, have the craic and socialise while improving their health and fitness levels. I’m also launching a new 6 week transformation package. So while I’m waiting for my current client’s “after” pictures, I … Read More

Why Workout DVD’s Just Don’t Work For You.

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It’s September and the queue for Slimming Clubs is out the door and round the corner as Mum’s get their kids back to school and promise themselves a new slim & trim body in time for Christmas. But some of you find that the walking simply isn’t enough, that the weather is getting worse and it’s now time to take … Read More

WARNING: Is your Fitness Instructor Qualified?

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Earlier this year I wrote a piece to those out there teaching fitness classes in the community with only ONE DAY’s worth of “training”. This is a touchy subject for professionals who have invested a lot of time and money to ensure that they are up to scratch (and beyond) yet there seems to be a new fitness class popping … Read More

Why You NEED Exercise in Your Life.

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(Warning: This post contains bad language… to stress important f****** points!!) We’ve seen it all, magic weight loss pills, put jelly on your belly and wrap in cling film, advertising how to lose weight without having to exercise, try this amazing new machine for super sexy abs. It seems that a hell of a lot of people out there have … Read More

Common Weight Loss Myths – Busted!

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Let’s face it, miracles don’t happen, Rome wasn’t built in a day just like your weight gain didn’t happen overnight. And there is no quick fix for weight loss. I’m a lurker, I observe and say little at the time (because when I do open my mouth usually someone gets pissed off) but I’ve seen and heard some really silly … Read More