Why you’re wasting money trying to lose weight.

The Summer is fast approaching and your news feed is full of everything weight loss related. Gyms, bootcamps, detoxes, diets, gadgets, supplements, wraps, shakes and on and on and on.
Someone posted in a selling group a “weight loss drink, PM for info” and it had a whopping 100 comments! I’ve yet to come across a distributor for these products who can in fact type out themselves the information about their product instead of copying and pasting from their upline. You can tell this easily when they call you “hun” followed by a load of grammatically correct jargon. These “huns” haven’t a clue what they’re doing and you may as well go and buy painkillers from a back lane. It’s probably safer!
Anyway my point being is that people throw money at these people because it seems cheap. They throw money at budget gyms (you know, €20 or €30 for a month) because it’s cheap. They throw money every week at a Slimming Club because it’s cheap. They throw money at a part time “fitness instructor”* in the school hall from time to time because it’s cheap.

(*It’s advisable to check the paperwork to see if your service provider is qualified and insured to instruct the service on offer*)

But it’s not cheap when it all adds up and you’re still nowhere near your goals or targets.

Seriously think about it. When you paid your hard earned dosh to someone in a bid to lose weight be it in a product or service, what was the result? Are you still paying? Are you getting a return on it? Is there any professional support? Is there any aftercare? And how much money have you spent?
A Slimming Club costs around €500 per year plus joining fees/ rejoining fees.
A Low Budget gym costs €300 per year plus joining fees.
A 9 Day Detox costs €130
A fitness class in your local hall costs €350 attending once per week or maybe €500 for twice per week or €750 for 3 times per week for the year.

Do ANY of these services sit down with YOU one to one and get to the nitty gritty of it?

Why do you feel like you need to lose weight?

And why did you “gain weight” in the first place?

Free tip: A large chunk of losing weight successfully is not about diet and exercise. It’s actually about addressing behaviours and habits that got you into the situation in the first place. Makes sense, right?
So lets get some perspective. Lets say you want to lose weight and you’re going to a slimming club and taking a pay-as-you-go fitness class twice per week. You’re now spending roughly €1000 per year and you’re still not happy within yourself.
Now think about spending €400 for two months with a Personal Trainer. Who can give you something so much more valuable than all the services listed above. Knowledge. That’s specifically for you and that will stand with you for the rest of your life.
I know where I’d rather spend my moola.
Sure they can grill you til you puke and put you on a diet plan that can make you depressed and miserable. But a good Personal Trainer’s focus is to educate you properly on taking care of yourself so that yes, you can do it on your own without having to needlessly spend money. Or diet. Because who wants to diet for the rest of their life?
And who knows, after the two months, you might actually enjoy spending time with your trainer and decide that you need their continued support. Or you might have a special event coming up later in the year that you know your trusted PT will help you out with. Or you can downgrade if that PT is also doing group classes so you don’t miss out on the craic. If they’re good at what they do then they’re worth every penny.
A Personal Trainer is not expensive when you compare their package to everything else you’re spending on over a long period, including medical expenses, hair, beauty, nights out etc.
At #NoFilter we have two Female Personal Trainers here to look after you with some availability both morning and evening times. Packages start from €200 1 to 1 or €150 2 to 1. We love what we do and our only goal is to help you and teach you skills that you will carry for the rest of your days.
And it goes without saying, our clients on regular memberships also have that extra support whenever they need it.
Email sarahjane@nofilter.ie for more info.