If You Can’t Sleep This Might Change Your Life

The key to getting fit and healthy is not really the actual exercise, it’s the recovery. Yes, we get fitter and stronger while we sleep! After an intense exercise session, proper recovery is so important for our muscles to grow and for our stress levels to go down. If you’re struggling to lose weight or improve your physique, the first thing I ask as a trainer is “how much sleep are you getting?”.  But it’s not just about body composition, if you’re not getting enough sleep then it can lead to a tonne of problems.
Me, I used to be a divil for scrolling through Netflix or Watch Series every night for hours on end looking for something to watch or listen to to help me sleep! Then I’d get caught up on something interesting and bang it’s 3am and once again I haven’t had a nights sleep. I was especially restless in the early stages of getting the gym up and running, so many laminates to choose from, which shade of purple to go for, quote after quote, you know how it goes.
A friend recommended that I look up meditation videos on Youtube which one or two videos from Michael Sealey were “ok” for me, I did zone out and fall asleep quicker than normal but I thought I might find a female voice more calming and that’s how I stumbled on ASMR.
Wiki: Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) is a euphoric experience characterized by a static-like or tingling sensation on the skin that typically begins on the scalp and moves down the back of the neck and upper spine, precipitating relaxation.
So what happens to me if I meet someone who has a naturally calming voice, well the sound of their voice makes my ears tingle and I literally do not listen to a single word they say because I’m instantly relaxed.
I was only delighted to find out that there are millions upon millions of people in the world who also experience this!
And there are thousands of Youtube videos to literally put you asleep in minutes! Now I’ve spent the last six months sifting through the good, the bad and (a lot of cleavage) to find videos that are “real” ASMR, they don’t use anything sexual to attract viewers to their channel…
Believe me, when you type in ASMR on it’s own for the first time you will see a lot of pretty young ones in low cut tops “whispering” to the camera.  Unfortunately just like Instagram, seemingly the only way to grow your following to the masses is to get a bit of skin on show.
So here are my top 3 real ASMR Artists who do not need to flash for likes. I do like to switch around from time to time because you can get “immune” to the sensations, however even when I don’t get tingles I still just fall asleep within 10 minutes or so. Use earphones for a better experience, I personally don’t most of the time.
Gentle Whispering: Maria has the biggest ASMR Channel on Youtube with over 250,000 subscribers and millions of hits on her videos. She’s Russian but lives in America, so she has a mixed Russian/ American accent but very soft and clear on her diction. Her videos are varied from role plays to just talking about random stuff she finds in the shop, I’m personally not bothered about the content either way, she just has this natural ability to reach beyond the screen and knock you out!
I love this fabric video
And this one displaying cards and diaries sends me to sleep almost instantly 
Whispers Red: Hailing from North England, Emma’s profession literally is in holistic sound therapy. She covers a lot of personal care type videos, hair massages, brushing etc but also takes a quirky approach… her slime video is interesting visually, the squishing sounds don’t do a lot for me but for some strange reason drumming her fingers is very soothing.
I love this video of her cleaning her make up brushes
Whispers Unicorn: Ashleigh was one of the first “proper” ASMR channels I found… again after sifting through contoured cleavage! She also has a great passion for holistic therapy and for me personally she has the perfect combination of whispering and soft spoken. She focuses a lot on role plays, positive affirmations and “tingle bites” videos, where she literally eats different “unusual” foods from outside countries.. I had to laugh when I saw her open a packet of fruit pastilles!
This skincare video was the first one I found and one I often go back to when I need to get to sleep quick! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ZOPvfb_RQo
Seriously, every time she says the word “okay” I can feel my eyes getting heavier!
Now ASMR is not for everyone and be warned if you don’t have an open mind then you might think it’s more than weird. But I can honestly say for the past six months this has really helped me zone out after a stressful day, especially since my mind is constantly on overdrive. You may have to do a bit of digging like me to find the right channel that works for you as we don’t all respond the same or find the same things relaxing. But if you’re having trouble sleeping and have tried everything, I seriously recommend you give Youtube a go!
Be Well x