Gentle Ben

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There is only one thing that we are guaranteed in life, and that is that it eventually comes to an end. By that I mean the life that we know now with our loved ones on this Earth, regardless of our belief in what comes next. Our Dad Ben, he embraced everything that life gave him, including his illness. When … Read More

8 Amazing Success Stories from the Women at #NoFilter

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Think that joining a fitness class is just about losing weight and toning up? Think again. Yes, weight loss and change of appearance if desired can be a bonus to some, but for a lot of our members, that’s not a priority at all. Read on to hear about how #NoFilter Fitness has helped real Irish women who “don’t like … Read More

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Are you one of those people who says “I’ll start again in January” then when January comes your intentions are pure but your wallet is tight? Or maybe you’re sick of all the “New Year New You” BS, you have done it for years and years but are still at square one! Started out optimistic then gave in after a … Read More

If you’re not lifting weights, you should be.

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As a cardio queen I have managed to convert many women from the dance floor to the gym floor by creating a safe environment to teach them how to lift weights safely without feeling like an idiot or that the whole world is watching them. For the record, I’m not your typical gym junkie. I hate running. I’m not addicted … Read More

Been Good All Week? Here’s Why You’re Not Seeing Results.

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This is a comment from a mother in regards to babies and toddlers being diagnosed with obesity and the question was is it the parent’s fault. I read this comment to my other half and he said “Yeah, she’s right, no?” You’re looking at it now and can’t see any issues with her comment either, listen she means well, I’m … Read More

The BS About Breakfast.

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You have heard: “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day” “Skipping Breakfast slows down your Metabolism” “Skipping Breakfast can make you gain weight” “Skipping Breakfast retains fat” “Skipping Breakfast slows down brain function” It’s all bollox. To put it simply. Because there’s this notion that you have to eat breakfast first thing in the morning. Listen, if you’re … Read More

Why are some Gyms Cheap and Not Others?

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Short answer: Staffing costs. A qualified fitness instructor/ personal trainer pays on average €2500 for their starter qualification, just to get their foot on the ladder and those with a thirst for more knowledge and experience may spend an additional €1000- €2000 per year on further education. This is out of their own pocket (if the gym they work for … Read More

Let Me Tell You A Story

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Picture this. You weigh yourself, look down at the scales and feel that you should lose weight. OK. You decide that you should lose a stone. OK. You decide to join a group and start a healthy eating regime. You go to your first weigh in, get it down on paper and get your plan. Grand. You go shopping and … Read More

Emotional Eating – It’s Real

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We should eat and drink for both nourishment and enjoyment. Food is not just a means to keep us alive. It can be the centre of our social stream. We meet friends for food, we sit at the table together and talk about our day, or the days to come. We have business meetings over lunch. Let’s face it, if … Read More

Why you’re wasting money trying to lose weight.

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The Summer is fast approaching and your news feed is full of everything weight loss related. Gyms, bootcamps, detoxes, diets, gadgets, supplements, wraps, shakes and on and on and on. Someone posted in a selling group a “weight loss drink, PM for info” and it had a whopping 100 comments! I’ve yet to come across a distributor for these products … Read More

A Complete Guide to Visiting New York for the First Time

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First Time Visiting New York from Ireland? Here’s some tips to maximise your time and minimise your budget. Get a Yellow Taxi from the Airport. Yellow Taxis have a set price on your destination, plus a toll charge (which is the “EazyPass” cheaper rate than the Cash Rate of $8). We made the mistake of stepping outside the airport door … Read More